what i love summer in scandinavia

What I loved about summer in Scandinavia

I’ve spoken plenty about our visit to Scandinavia last June, which was also summer time. While there are the Northern Lights in the winter, you get to witness the Midnight Sun when you’re visiting Scandinavia in the summer.

Spending the winter in Scandinavia with the Northern Lights, dog-sleds, and ice hotels are popular travel stories we see everywhere, but spending the summer in countries like Norway, Sweden, and Copenhagen also has its winning points!

what i love summer in scandinavia what i love summer in scandinavia

Here’s what I loved about visiting Scandinavia in the summer:

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poppy field sweden

The poppy field that caught my eye

poppy field sweden poppy field sweden poppy field sweden

Our first day in sweden.

We’d just landed in Copenhagen, and rented a car to drive our way to Sweden, where we were going to spend the first 4 days of our trip. Always really intrigued and excited when I’m in a new country for the first time, and even more so when it’s at the start of the holiday!

Just imagine my excitement when we drove past this entire field of poppy flowers! From a distance they looked like a huge sea of red, and I told my dad we had to get closer so I could see it. (Also to take photos of it.)

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Kangaroo Island Australia nature guide

Natural gems of Kangaroo Island, Australia

Kangaroo Island Australia nature guide Kangaroo Island Australia nature guide

Fully indulge in nature’s beauty when you’re in Kangaroo Island, which makes it the perfect escape from Singapore’s hectic city buzz! The island’s natural wonders are not to be missed, such as rock formations, like the Remarkable Rocks and Admirals Arch.

When in Adelaide, Kangaroo Island (known as KI) – an island over 4,000 km2 – is just a ferry ride away from Victor Harbour. Nature reserves take up over a third of the island, being home to native wildlife like sea lions, seals, koalas and even birds like pelicans.

 Here’s how the third largest island in Australia has been blessed by Mother Nature:

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Pulpit Rock Hike Norway

Conquering Norway’s Pulpit Rock hike

Pulpit Rock Hike Norway

Hiking up the Pulpit Rock was on our to-do list since day 1 of planning our trip. The hike showed us the breathtaking landscapes and views that are characteristic of Norway, and I’m glad we made the decision to do it. Hiking is a must-do when you’re in Norway!

Preikestolen / Pulpit Rock

Pulpit Rock Stavanger Norway Pulpit Rock Stavanger Norway

The Pulpit Rock is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Norway, where the huge plateau (approximately 600 square metres!) sits 604 metres over the beautiful Lysefjord. You get an amazing bird’s eye view of the fjord from the plateau, while being able to dangle your feet over the cliff – if you dare to, of course.

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