what we ate penang malaysia

What we ate in Penang, Malaysia

what we ate penang malaysia

We all know Penang is known for its food, and you can’t be there without over-indulging. If you asked Yibo, he’d say that we didn’t eat much in Penang at all. To be fair, I agree with him completely. We didn’t look up the famous food around the area, nor did we try all the must-tries while we were in Penang. But while we’re at it, I might as well show you what we did eat. (Click on the photos/names to find their location!)

The weather was well, pretty much the same as Singapore. We were blessed with bright sunny weather every day, and as much as that was a good thing, I think we almost melted under the sun. For that, we mostly chose to eat indoors instead of out in the open.

It was a good choice.

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