How to survive an outdoor shoot in Singapore

Being finally free from school (potentially forever..?), calls for a commemoratory event like a graduation photoshoot with the friends.

These are the guys I’ve stuck with through the 3 years in NUS – going through multiple school projects, quick lunches at Deck, sitting in boring/interesting lectures, reminding each other to bid for modules, etc. and eventually graduating together now!

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changi boardwalk singapore photography

Changi Boardwalk (rediscovered)

Ever since visiting Changi Beach Club for the first time with my family, I’ve always thought Changi Boardwalk made an amazing location for photos. I see some blogshops taking their photos there too, so clearly it isn’t a newly discovered place.

With much enthusiasm and spontaneity, Rachel and I decided to make a trip down to Changi Boardwalk to experiment with each others’ camera lenses and have a mini shoot like we used to (x).

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