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Up in the mountains

22 Oct 2017

I’m sat at the dining table of our beautiful resort near Banff National Park. I’ve never blogged while overseas before. But since we were taking a chill day today – spending the entire time in the resort hanging out – I thought it was a good time for me to start writing.

If you haven’t seen my Instagram, my family and I are in Canada. We flew into Vancouver, and (my dad) drove our way to Jasper and Banff – some of the most beautiful spots in the British Columbia.

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tromsø norway midnight sun marathon diary

Midnight wanders at Tromsø, Norway

tromsoø norway midnight sun marathon diary

Travelling Norway on a cruise allowed us to explore multiple cities along its coast, at any time possible – even midnight. Since the Hurtigruten also functions as a cargo operator ship, they make stops for varying amounts of time, so we made a point to alight for an explore whenever the stop lasts more than half an hour!

tromsoø norway midnight sun marathon diary

Tromsø, norway

I know the sky still looks like it’s 7pm in Singapore, when it was in fact almost 1am. We were expecting the streets to be dead and quiet, but we were surprised to witness the Midnight Sun Marathon.

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sangumburi crater jeju island

Snowy day turned ugly,

We experienced our first snow in Jeju during that trip to the Sangumburi Crater, and also our first snow storm experience. It was beautiful at first, like the wind, the snow in the air, flying about.

At some point it also was flying in our faces, but we enjoyed it nonetheless because, SNOW! Walked all the way up to see the crater, which was SO beautiful in the winter because of all the snow that had fallen all around us. It was quite thick I wasn’t even sure what we were stepping on. My face pretty much was about to freeze up from the wind.

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