Awkward conversations writer

Thoughts of a writer who doesn’t know what to say

I’m a writer, which means I write for a living. So why is it that sometimes I struggle to find my words? Perhaps I’m a writer of few words, or I just suck at conversations. Perhaps…

This is another post in this series of mine where I talk about some problems I struggle with, but not provide any solution because I haven’t really figured them out myself.

You definitely have someone like this in your life: Someone you can count on when you need an opinion or a reaction. Someone who always finds the words to describe what they’re feeling. Someone who can speak off the top of their minds, almost instantly.

And then there’s me.

hilary duff i don't know

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weekend in film huji cam

My weekend in film

weekend in film huji cam

A bunch of us at the office recently discovered the cool film camera apps most people use for Instagram. An app that makes your photos look as if you’d taken them with a film camera – there’s also a video app that gives the film/VHS vibes.

I hate to admit it, but the everything does look better with that old-school film filter hahahahaha. #millennials

I spent my entire weekend taking random photos with the app (Huji Cam).

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