camera roll december 2017

My camera roll: Dec 2017

After bidding December goodbye, we say hello to 2018! The last camera roll post of 2017 is late, but it’s better late than never right? Being the last month of the year and the festive season, December was spent mostly rushing with work, anxiously counting down to the trip, and spending Christmas and New Year’s with Yibo in Europe!

What a month it has been!

Spontaneous steamboat with Shen and (Shen’s) bae | Thought that angle looked nice

Media passes finally! | #werkselfies | At the start line of the SGSM Kid’s Dash

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iphone camera roll november 2017

My camera roll: November 2017

I seemed to have spent a lot of November moping and reflecting. The mood swings have been crazy – I told Yibo that I feel like a werewolf, having drastic mood changes between night and day. I think I also took the most photos this month, not sure why I did either.

iphone camera roll november 2017

I quite enjoy mirror selfies these days. | Shen bought me a Rila car?!?!?!??! SO CUTE.

iphone camera roll november 2017

This month had the highest frequency of mala parties. | Our logo is finally on the brand wall!

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why i don't miss school adulting

Why I don’t miss being a student

While I was still a student, I’ve always had teachers, family members, or colleagues telling me to cherish my time as a student, because I would come to really miss it when I enter the workforce. After being fed with these thoughts/advice over the many years, I inevitably found myself painting a dreary picture of my life after graduation.

Plot twist: I actually don’t miss student life at all.

I remember really struggling with school. In comparison to those days, I enjoy what I have now wayyyyyy more.

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