iphone camera roll november 2017

My camera roll: November 2017

I seemed to have spent a lot of November moping and reflecting. The mood swings have been crazy – I told Yibo that I feel like a werewolf, having drastic mood changes between night and day. I think I also took the most photos this month, not sure why I did either.

iphone camera roll november 2017

I quite enjoy mirror selfies these days. | Shen bought me a Rila car?!?!?!??! SO CUTE.

iphone camera roll november 2017

This month had the highest frequency of mala parties. | Our logo is finally on the brand wall!

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why i don't miss school adulting

Why I don’t miss being a student

While I was still a student, I’ve always had teachers, family members, or colleagues telling me to cherish my time as a student, because I would come to really miss it when I enter the workforce. After being fed with these thoughts/advice over the many years, I inevitably found myself painting a dreary picture of my life after graduation.

Plot twist: I actually don’t miss student life at all.

I remember really struggling with school. In comparison to those days, I enjoy what I have now wayyyyyy more.

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Awkward conversations writer

Thoughts of a writer who doesn’t know what to say

I’m a writer, which means I write for a living. So why is it that sometimes I struggle to find my words? Perhaps I’m a writer of few words, or I just suck at conversations. Perhaps…

This is another post in this series of mine where I talk about some problems I struggle with, but not provide any solution because I haven’t really figured them out myself.

You definitely have someone like this in your life: Someone you can count on when you need an opinion or a reaction. Someone who always finds the words to describe what they’re feeling. Someone who can speak off the top of their minds, almost instantly.

And then there’s me.

hilary duff i don't know

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