poppy field sweden

The poppy field that caught my eye

poppy field sweden poppy field sweden poppy field sweden

Our first day in sweden.

We’d just landed in Copenhagen, and rented a car to drive our way to Sweden, where we were going to spend the first 4 days of our trip. Always really intrigued and excited when I’m in a new country for the first time, and even more so when it’s at the start of the holiday!

Just imagine my excitement when we drove past this entire field of poppy flowers! From a distance they looked like a huge sea of red, and I told my dad we had to get closer so I could see it. (Also to take photos of it.)

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summer norway husky feature image

Summer in Norway: Mountain hike with husky puppies

We’ve all read the travel listicles, and seen photos of the husky dogs in Norway. The thick snow, the sleds, and the adorable huskies pulling you along. Sounds like a real pretty sight.

But what happens in the summer?

Well, you can still meet the huskies (even reindeers!), and you can still be pulled along by them. BUT it will be done on foot, without a sled, and you will perspire despite the close to 10°C weather.

summer norway husky hike summer norway husky hikesummer norway husky hike

When you’re visiting Norway in the summer, you get to take on a mountain hike with these adorable puppies along with professional guides. This is your chance to get some exercise along with the energetic husky puppies.

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Summer in Scandinavia outfits

Dressing for the summer in Scandinavia

Forget the Northern Lights, it’s now summer time in Scandinavia. The months of May to July is when you get to experience almost a 24 hours of daylight, plus the Midnight Sun – yep the sun doesn’t set!

Before you imagine summer weather that’s similar to Australia, visiting Scandinavia will remind you that ‘summer’ is just a relative term.

Summer in Scandinavia outfits

While the weather is certainly warmer (no more sub-zero temperatures), that doesn’t mean you won’t shiver! Here’s how you should dress when you’re in Scandinavia in the summer:

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Camera roll May 2017

My camera roll: May 2017

Celebrating my birthday, leaving on a getaway with Yibo, and yet another eventful month at the office – May was…hectic. I mean, just look at the frequency of blogposts over the past month (2). I was obviously really caught up with work and life, so I guess that means May’s recap is going to be much more juicy! Read more to catch up with what I’ve been up to.

Camera roll May 2017

Nicolette & Alison try to act like they’re in an art gallery admiring Shen’s wall art | SALAD.

Camera roll May 2017

When we had a huge company town hall meeting | MEXICAN FOR LUNCHHH | BURITOOO

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Malacca food diary 2016

What we ate in Malacca

hainanese chicken rice ball Malacca food diary

What do you do in Malacca other than eat? You eat more!

We took a big family trip to Malacca last December, with my grandfather, cousins, and everybody. A great way to spend the end-of-year holidays if you ask me. (Yes I also realise it’s now May.)

Read on for a list of food we ate over our trip. Our tummies were kept very full and happy hehe… Maybe a little too much. #fatdieme

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